Shocking! MaNgwabe has already signed her divorce papers

Shocking! MaNgwabe has already signed her divorce papers

The latest episode of Uthando Nes’thembu has left viewers with mixed opinions about whether Mbali Mseleku AKA MaNgwabe, is content with her marriage or not.

MaNgwabe has been showing Musa Mseleku flames ever since this season started. Because of her straight-talking attitude, she is often mistaken for being very rude at times. Tweeps are convinced that she is the one who wears pants in their marriage because she always wants to have the last word.

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They are even convinced that mentally, the homegirl has already packed her bags and signed the divorce papers. “@Neinei_Ngubs tweeted “Mentally MaNgwabe has already packed her bags, Signed her Divorce papers, and Living it large…U Girl is Out there enjoying her Divorce settlement…Seksele umzimba nje ulandele.”

A few things stood out from the latest episode of the Mzansi Magic reality show. Mseleku surprised his family with a trip to an undisclosed destination. Mseleku’s private location was the fabled Ghost Mountain in Mkuze, northern KwaZulu-Natal

As they were about to leave, Mamkhulu said whenever they go on trips that include Mseleku, there is a lot of drama. She said that almost didn’t leave because her children told her MaNgwabe did not greet them back when they greeted her.

She said she did not have to vent her frustration at them. As they were about to leave, Mseleku offered MaNgwabe assistance with her bags, MaNgwabe declined and she raised eyebrows.

She refuted Mamkhulu’s claims when Mseleku confronted her. She said she is not mad to not greeting her kids back. As she was busy with her makeup artists, she said they were greeted by only one child when she entered the room and the other one didn’t greet them.

Another thing that stood out which we have seen since the beginning of the season is the hostility between the wives. Especially MaNgwabe and Mamkhulu. MaNgwabe did not attend the family dinner because she did not have an outfit, but it seems like she was not happy to be in Mamkhulu’s company.

She liked that her room was far from the other wives’ rooms. The teaser for the next episode shows MaNgwabe telling MaKhumalo what Makhulu told Mseleku. Mamkhulu is not happy with Mangwabe talking behind her back and she says they might have a problem.

Twitter users have reacted to the episode. Others are convinced that MaNgwabe will send Mseleku into a mental institution because of her attitude.