Shocking! Another Woman Was Raped & Killed, People Are Suspecting That a Police Was Involved

Shocking! Another Woman Was Raped & Killed, People Are Suspecting That a Police Was Involved

The only thing that hurts most about killings and abuse of women and children is that the perpetrators are not people who are unknown; they are people that we live with on a daily basis. Most of the perpetrators of gender-based violence are usually relatives, husbands, and police. The same people who are supposed to be protecting women are the ones who are hurting them. We have heard so many reports about women who were killed by their husbands, and some of them are police. In some cases, police just protect the criminals who rape and kill women.

Following all that, there’s a trending story about a police officer suspected of knowing and hiding something about the murder of a woman. According to reports, on December 5, 2022, the body of Sivenathi Sebe was discovered at a railway station in the Pretoria West neighborhood. On November 4, 2022, Sivenathi vanished without a trace. When her friends realized that she hadn’t come back, they made a report to the authorities. She had been with her friends at the time.

They were informed at the police station that a female body had been discovered at the back of the Pretoria West Market, and the friends were referred to Forensic Pathology Services after hearing this information. The companions were able to recognize Sivenathi’s lifeless body when they arrived at the Pathology Services department, where they were also informed by the forensic officer that the woman had reportedly been murdered.

The body was identified by her family on November 11, 2022, and they were given a copy of her post-mortem report at that time. The investigation revealed that Sivenathi was sexually assaulted and that she was found lying next to the train station with a broken windpipe (which suggests that she was strangled). The report also revealed that she had been found dead.

It is asserted that after the family received the reports from the police, they discovered that it was written in her report that she went to sleep and was found the following morning and that there was no assault or any medical condition. This information was discovered, it is asserted, after the family received the reports from the police. After that, the family questioned the officer who was investigating, but she is not available to speak to the family at this time. Our hearts have been shattered.

After this was posted on social media, people are suspecting that the police know something and he’s just trying to hide evidence. Some even said the case must be escalated to another department because nowadays police are taking bribes.


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