Shocking: Another Mzansi Celebrity Got a Terrible Car Accident, See What He Posted that Broke Hearts

Shocking: Another Mzansi Celebrity Got a Terrible Car Accident, See What He Posted that Broke Hearts

Honestly, the level of accidents and deaths in the entertainment industry is very scary. Every week we hear about celebrities who have been involved in accidents or have passed away. It seems like there’s a demon that is hunting the entertainment industry because ever since last year, so many celebrities have been passing away. Unfortunately, it seems like the year 2022 has only ushered grievance, despair, and horror into our lives. In fact, it appears that the angel of death has targeted our South African public figures, actors, and musicians, as we have lost multiple of them in the span of 2 months.

Yesterday was a bad day for South Africans. Just when people were healing from the death of Dj Dimplez, another piece of bad news surfaced in the entertainment industry. Prince Benza was involved in a terrible car accident. Prince Benza is a well-known South African artist/band, best known for the songs “Ae Zowe,” “Too Much,” and “Too Much” (all of which are available on iTunes). Makhadzi’s frequent duets with the 23-year-old musician have resulted in chart-topping successes such as Ngwago, Ghana, and Mthatha Aka, among other songs.

It is unfortunate that Prince Benz was involved in a terrible car accident late yesterday with his latest SUV. The good news is that he wasn’t badly injured, although the car rolled a couple of times. He came out of it healthy with minor scratches. See photos of the accident below:

After this accident, he took it to social media to pen a very heartbreaking message.

“I never thought one day I’d be in this kinder situation. I was involved in a car accident today, but I’m fine, but I need space for now. Please pray for my boy Majoro, the boss, and for my team. Thank you, my God, “he posted on Facebook and on his WhatsApp. After seeing that his status was trending, he deleted all those posts.






For those who can remember well, there was a prophet who was known as the Tweeter Prophet. That man once said 2022 will be part 2 of 22 and all those bad things that happened in 2021 will come back even stronger. We need to find a day to pray as a country because it’s really bad.


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