Shocking! A woman hired a hitman to kill her husband and mother-in-law

Shocking! A woman hired a hitman to kill her husband and mother-in-law

South Africa is currently engaged in an anti-gender-based violence campaign, but it appears that the violence and killings will continue unabated. Following a dispute with her partner, a student at Fort Hare University was brutally murdered less than a month ago. Despite the efforts of individuals to combat it, gender-based violence has continued to rise across the nation. Not only have I been murdered and abused, but men have also been slain and abused.

Comparing the emotions of people when a woman is killed to their reactions when a guy is killed is highly difficult to observe and comprehend. It appears that people only react negatively when a woman is killed, but not when a man is killed. A 36-year-old woman was apprehended after hiring a hitman to murder her husband and mother-in-law, according to the car tracker in South Africa and the news outlet. At this time, it is unclear what circumstances may have led a lady to murder her husband in cold blood. However, a comprehensive investigation has revealed that she, not her husband, hired three men to murder him.

It’s possible that they were fighting, or that the woman intended to profit from their deaths. This is really a speculative assumption, as the motivation for the homicide is still unknown. People appear to place less value on a man’s life than a woman’s, despite the fact that all of the incidents entail gender-based violence.

Our nation’s application of double standards is severely weak. Let’s continue to combat gender-based violence without taking sides. On the surface, it appears that a woman’s murder is treated less seriously than a man’s murder.

The souls of the departed may rest in peace.

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