Shocked: Assistant Teacher Resign From Her Duty After Some Students Did This To Her

Shocked: Assistant Teacher Resign From Her Duty After Some Students Did This To Her

An assistant teacher at Celani school, Miss Ashante Buthelelezi age 23 gave over an abdication letter to the school head yesterday with quick impact.

The assistant teacher Ashante almost got assaulted from the school private latrines by 3 school students who’re doing grade 8.. it was supposedly revealed that the teacher was listening to yelling for help from the female private latrines. That is the point at which the school safety officer from the door went to it with quick impact.

It was affirmed by the teacher that this is was not interestingly… it nearly happens regular however today it turned out to be more regrettable.. every time when I show some contacts my bums some are in any event, pursuing me I was so scared to tell the head since I never thought it will end like this, am no longer having a solid sense of reassurance to work with such Learners said Ashante.

As indicated by the safety officer. I saw the young men while going out from their classes however I never believed they were on their arrangements of assaulting the unfortunate teacher. I thought they are simply learners who are are going to the latrine.. however, subsequent to hearing the commotion I ran quickly to see what was occurring.

At the point when I arrive Ashante was on the floor half-necked.. her shirt and bra were on the floor.. said mthinzi the safety officer.

The school chief wouldn’t acknowledge the enrollment letter, he portrayed ashante as a youthful wonderful young lady with enthusiasm and he said he don’t want to see her fantasy go to squander.. she should go on with her agreement here in school the young men will be ousted from the school until the end of time.. said the head.



The other two young men were totally captured for endeavor assault.. the other one has left a result of under age 16 years.. said CST Malatji.


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