See What They Did: UZALO Is Lying To Us

See What They Did: UZALO Is Lying To Us

UZALO is undoubtedly one of the most loved tv shows in the whole of South Africa. Proven by the very high views (millions) they accumulate daily. However, there is one thing that has completely turned viewers off in a recent episode.

Although not all people might agree that Uzalo is not really an educative soapie, it has proven many times to be. Starting from teaching us the dangers of crime, the effects of Gender-based violence, and lastly the dangers of loan sharks.

In a recent episode, it turned out that Madongwe has lent money from a loan shark and failed to pay it back. As normal, the loan shark and her bodyguards came to collect. And it is known that if you don’t pay , they take your belongings. However, the interaction ended up with Nonka getting stabbed.

However, fans have called out the soapie for failing to direct Nonka’s scene. Since she was stabbed and unconscious, she was not expected to do what she did. Apparently, she was wrapping her arm around Sibonelo for balance. “How is that possible whilst she is unconscious?”, A fan commented.

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