See: Thousands Of Foreigners Were Spotted Crossing The Border Illegally, See How They Do It

See: Thousands Of Foreigners Were Spotted Crossing The Border Illegally, See How They Do It

Every year, the border becomes overpopulated in December and January as people from other countries travel home to spend Christmas with their families. A few days ago there was a trending video of heavy traffic at the border as people were traveling back home, especially in the Zimbabwean border, as many Zimbabweans went home to spend the festive season with their loved ones.

Many people have been calling for the government to tighten security at the border so that those illegal foreigners who went home can never come back. Following all that, yesterday there was heavy traffic that was spotted at the Zimbabwean border; people were just standing there trying to gain entry to South Africa, although they didn’t have proper documentation. There is a video of a group of Zimbabweans who can amount to thousands illegally crossing the border.

They use a very high and risky way to come to South Africa: they climb an arc bridge and walk up there on the steels, then they use a rope to slide down. Looking at the height of that bridge, if a person falls, he can die. Other than those who were on the Arc Bridge, there are some in the far back if you watch the video well; they were just standing there as they were taking turns crossing.


After the video was posted, many people were left so angry. Not long after, the minister of home affairs said they upgraded the border fence, but look how easily these people are crossing. In the comments section, people were mentioning police as well as border security so that they could see how these foreigners were illegally crossing the border. This is an insult to the country and its laws; foreigners are starting to disrespect the South African law, and if we don’t act now, we won’t be able to control them anymore.


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