Scandal Viewers Get Used To The Shocks One By One

Scandal Viewers Get Used To The Shocks One By One

Scandal is a daily soap loved by many people which is aired on Etv, it is a story of disgraceful acts which the cast members get involved in. It can be in a family set up or at work environment, it is scandalous what happens in the dramatic soapy. There are characters that we have fallen in love with and once we do not see them it does not make sense at all. This makes the storyline eye-catching and has many lessons to learn in this life. Everyone has enjoyed the soapy, it has a lot of drama and suspense. The recent storyline has been making viewers sit on the edge of their seats as the show got to release characters from other individuals which none of us ever thought they will do what they are doing. Ngema was one of the respected characters he acted as a family man who loved his family and always worked hard to see them well. Loving his wife Zinzile and his daughters, their life was any envy of other women around the township. Well as we all know it took a tenant to change everything about Ngema’s marriage. We thank the family members especially his wife, brother, and daughters who saw to it that he vomits the charm and after that things got back to normal.

Everyone whether is an office Job or character on television wants a change or is looking for something better to change their lives. These actors are no exception, they are always looking for a better paying role, we may cry and they could stay on as we might have fallen in love with them but the truth is they are at work and looking for greener pastures. These are characters on Scandal that we will have to say goodbye to shortly and some might have already left.

Boniswa Langa- played by Lusanda Mebane is reportedly leaving the soapy. Once you see a character dying sometimes it means they are going completely out and not looking back. Boniswa was pushed and fell over the balcony and died meaning that was the end of the character. She was an envious person who would kill anyone to get her hands on their hard-earned monies. She plotted the murder of her son-in-law and made her step-daughter be kidnapped so she can lay her hands on her father’s money by asking the robbers to ask for a ransom of R20 million.
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The other character who is leaving the soapy is Quintin Nyathiplayed by Brighton Ngoma- the businessman who owns a company fought over by his mother and wife. Quintin has played the character for twelve years and now he is saying goodbye to his second person. Terumo Chapedi played by Howza Mosese is also at the door. Charedi portrays the police officer. He joined the soapy in 2013 and has graced our screens for eights years. He says the journey has been long and exciting and he is sure to miss the show and his colleagues. He has managed to grow his acting career and he will take the experience with him to where ever he is going.

Mlungisi Ngema played by Patrick Mofokeng has also since exited the soapy, he was furious about the choice his daughter made to a husband and did not want to hear anything regarding the marriage. He has been following his son-in-law to check his activities up until he caught him appeasing his ancestors to bless the dirty money which he had. The man went bananas and tried to confiscate the son’s phone and call the police but in a fateful event, he slipped and fell which lead to his exiting of the show. We miss him already.
Hopefully, the producers have more interesting characters in store for the fans. The scandal has been there for some time now and no one wishes for it to be a bore as a result of these characters living.

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