Sad News For Pearl Modiadie

Sad News For Pearl Modiadie

There is no denying that Pearl Modiadie has been a bit quiet these past couple of days. But after the post she made on her social media, now we know what she has been about and we are happy that she is back on her feet again.

Taking to her Instagram, the media personality just recently shared a post where she hints that she and her family had contracted Covid-19 and have been isolated at home for a whole week and that she was happy they are fine now.

Fans have since taken to continue to wish her a speedy recovery and to continue staying safe. Others have also gone ahead to speak on their COVID journeys and are encouraging her to keep hanging in there and she will be fine.

In another recent post, Pearl has posted of her in a robe saying that she is very grateful for good health and for an incredible support system. And we must say, she is looking really great in the photo which can only mean that she is finally in full complete health and fans could not be any happier for her.

As you can already imagine, her comment section is flooded with messages of love and many saying that she looks great, like she always does. Some of her fans are also suggesting that she shares how she has been coping during the entire COVID season.

Taking to Twitter Pearl to ask her fans how necessary some of the actions being taken against Covid are and whether they’re really necessary at all. And fans have shown up in numbers to respond to her and give their take of what they think of the situation.

That aside, however, it was not that long ago when Pearl was put on the spotlight after she got a countersuit from her former manager, Mr. Soglo. Pearl had taken her former employer to court after they decided to turn a blind eye to her complaints of sexual harassment.

It, therefore, came as a shock to many when Mr. Soglo decided to hit her with an R1 Million countersuit for having cost him the loss of income as well as reputational damage.

New details are yet to emerge as to whether justice was served or not, but until then Mzansi continues to crush on Lewatle’s mom who is constantly giving us make us awe and love at her and her beautiful son baby Olivier.