Sad A 17-Year-Old Girl Was Raped In Limpopo While Her Grandmother Was Watching

Sad A 17-Year-Old Girl Was Raped In Limpopo While Her Grandmother Was Watching

A day does not pass without rape cases being reported in this country. It has even made both women and children to actually live in fear. Some have been raped and ended up being killed. A seventeen years old girl was Raped in the middle of the night with her grandmother watching. It is reported that a man entered their house and took out a knife threatening to kill them. He further forced himself to the young girl in the presence of her grandmother.

It must have been heartbreaking witnessing her granddaughter going through such a thing. It’s sad that she had to watch him raping her so that he does not kill her. Rape is one of the painful things for both women and children to go through. It always leave them broken inside and it’s hard to heal from such a thing. For as long as she lives, she will forever be reminded of the painful experience that she went through. Also her life will not be the same anymore knowing that an old man forced herself to her.

Apparently the man has ran away and the police have launched a manhunt so that he can be found and get punished. It’s men like him who are actually making others to live their lives in fear. Nowadays some women even fear leaving their children with their fathers because they have fears that a lot can go wrong. Community people have spoken and called for the man to be found. Limpopo people have revealed that they will no longer be negotiating with those who break the law.

Because they feel that the police are failing them, they say they will solve the problems by themselves. Those who are caught get beaten and burnt to death. When he gets found, he will get the punishment of his life that he will never forget. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news news. Please note that the first three pictures are for illustration purposes.


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