RIP: Ulandile(pictured) was innocent but she paid with her life when a stray bullet hit her

RIP: Ulandile(pictured) was innocent but she paid with her life when a stray bullet hit her

Death strikes when it is least expected . This is why members of the public need to celebrate and cherish each day as it comes . Nobody is guaranteed to be alive in the evening , tomorrow, next week , or even next year because life is unpredictable. Life was not predictable as well for Ulandile Tshongwe.

In accordance with the Herald Live , it took a stray bullet to cut short the life of a 25 year old mother on Sunday night . Although she was innocent, a bullet from the gun of one of the jealous lovers who were quarrelling was enough to end her life prematurely.In accordance with the report , the quarrel between an unnamed woman’s new lover and former lover led to a shoot out .

It was the shoot out between the two men which led to the Ulandile getting shot at the back and eventually dying.Rhe incident broke the hearts of the community members of Pepperbush , as the innocent mother left behind a four year old baby boy .

There are always negative consequences when people resort to using violence as means of solving differences. It is hard to imagine how jealousy of a man led to the tragic death of a mother .

Can it be ruled that she was at the wrong place and at the wrong time? She definitely was at the right place and at the right time . She wouldn’t have known that some men would quarrel over a lady . The people who should be blamed are those who shot at each other not putting into consideration the risk of hurting other people. Violence is not the way to solve a problem . The concerned individuals who shot at each other should have resolved their issues in a peaceful manner .

Below is the link to the headline of the death of the innocent young mother from Gqeberha


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