Rip To All The Car Hijackers Hijacking Polo Cars_see what poli drivers are doing now

Rip To All The Car Hijackers Hijacking Polo Cars_see what poli drivers are doing now

Although traveling around with any car of any of the various car makes we have here in the streets of South Africa be making the driver and their passengers some sort of practicable vehicle hijack victims for the hijackers appears to hijack and take anything they come across aslong as it has 4 wheels and an engine/motor. If there is one kind of vehicles which seems to never get a break from all this hijack syndicates it is the Vw polo car.

For years people owning this Vw polo rides have been loosing their well and hard earned polo rides to the thugs solely to discover them stripped for parts in a count of minutes or occasionally hours, and as if that is not bad enough some actually loose them for life.The polo owners have tried to battle this problem for years but they still dont seem to be winning because this thugs know how to jam and remove trackers in less than 30 minutes which is not good news to the car owners.

So after many years of loosing cars and the plans of saving them not working.Polo Drivers now appear to have another plan to fight for their cars and this time around many hijackers won’t be going home alive in their attempts of hijacking certain polo guys.

Take a look at what polo guys have been using around with lately.


If you just take a good look at many hijack movies/videos online to see how the thugs do it. They commonly comply with their victims and block their car with theirs, then 1 or two then run to their unarmed sufferer and forcefully take their cars.

So if you now take a look at how the polo guys are positioning their weapons to fight back am sure you can see that it is going to be very easy for them to withdraw them and shoot pull the triggers, which is something the thugs can’t stand but usually abort the mission and run for their lives.

But then looking at this whole thing of pulling the triggers, it has the possibility of making the car owner/victim to end up being a killer even although that is no longer some thing he always wanted however had to do what he had to do to defend their properties. So now as a writer I have one simple query for you as readers. Do you think that it is ok for proprietors to elevate these weapons? Leave some feedback below

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