RIP: Popular Sangoma Speaks On The Death Of Namhla Who Was Killed By Her Partner’s Hitman

RIP: Popular Sangoma Speaks On The Death Of Namhla Who Was Killed By Her Partner’s Hitman

Date: 21 May 2022.

Letoya Makhene is a South African award-winning television actress, musician, and sangoma. She is popularly known for her role of Tshidi on Generations The Legacy. This is a South African award-winning television soap opera aired on SABC 1. She portrays the character of a seductive and lying woman who would do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She is one of the tops loved television actresses in the country. She has also acted on some of the best television soap operas in the country including Isidingo where she acted as Ayanda.

She is also a musician and sangoma who has been dragged countless times because of her prices for consultation. She is one of the celebrity Sangomas who are known for doing great work. She took it to social media today to reveal that she is really touched by the painful killing of Namhla. This is a lady who was in an abusive relationship where she used to be brutally beaten and attacked by her partner. What is more heartbreaking is that it was not the first time since the man wanted to kill her.

Apparently, they started their relationship when she was only seventeen and all those years she was in an abusive relationship. When she finally decided to walk away he decided to kill her. It is reported that she was shot nine times by a hitman who was sent by her partner and was confirmed dead at the scene. Her death has triggered the emotions of many women including those who have been through such a painful experience. Gender-based violence is one of the major problems being faced by women in this country. A day hardly passes without women reported to be beaten and killed.

What is more painful is that those who practice such acts are the kind of men who may look very kind. It is said that her life had to end in such a heartbreaking and painful way. Letoya Makhene took it to social media to reveal her anger on this incident and revealed that this country should have a death penalty for those who get caught abusing women. This is because many women are being killed at the hands of abusive men. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.


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