RIP: A 9-year-old was painfully killed by her father’s new girlfriend. See how she died

RIP: A 9-year-old was painfully killed by her father’s new girlfriend. See how she died

Another thing which leads to mass killings and homicides in South Africa is broken up families and bitter ex-boyfriends/ girlfriends. We have learnt about many women who have been killed by their ex-boyfriends just because they refused to get back with them , especially in Cape Town.

This morning we learnt about the passing of a young beautiful soul from eastern cape. According to the reports from “Women for change” we have learnt about the passing of Quinisha Sebrand, who was allegedly killed by her alleged step mother at the age of 9.

It appears that Quinisha’s father was no longer married to her mother and he had a new wife , called Lesley and they lived together under one roof but Lesley was jealous that Quinisha and her father have a bond, so she saw it fit to kill the young girl.

The reports states that on the 28th of march 2022, Lesley fetched her from her house around 09:00, and took her for a haircut and after that she took her for a swim in Maitlands beach. After she finished swimming Lesley strangled the poor young lady with a shoelace til she died.

Quinisha’s body was found at Maitlands Beach on Monday, March 28, after she had been murdered by her father’s then girlfriend, Damon.

After seeing that she has no alibi and even the barber saw that the young girl was with her, she handed herself to the cops and confessed that she killed Quinisha and pleaded guilty in court. The Gqebera high court concluded that she did what she did out of jealousy and sentenced her to 25 years in prison.


What’s your view about this matter?Do you think Lesley’s Setence was harsh or light? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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