Rikhado Riky Rick Makhado’s Wife Received A Strange Open Latter From A Celebrity

Rikhado Riky Rick Makhado’s Wife Received A Strange Open Latter From A Celebrity

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Riky Rick’s wife Bianca Makhado received an Open latter From Bontle Modiselle telling her to be strong in these hard times, the two celebrities met each other backstage on multiple shows and it was a surprise that Modiselle wrote that letter to Riky’s wife who is openly one of the most adorable people in the world.

What is sad is that she has two children to raise and this man has passed on already, so it just does not make any sense that we have people in the world who are going through what she is going through.

Riky was one of the hyped people in the music game, it is clear that he suffered from Chronic Illness, he knew that he had the power to be whatever he wants to be on this earth but in the end, he was just another guy who could not handle the stresses that came with life.

The ones he left behind: Inside rapper

He grew up very rich, so he was trying to emulate his dad’s success, so he ended up doing more than he was supposed to and he was just not as strong enough. Riky has a lot of endorsements but he took all the money he had and invested in the event, that is why every time he went on stage he gave it his all then lockdown hit he lost a lot of money and his wife left him then he might have relapsed then he died.

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Bianca is going through the most right now, no matter what she does she will miss Riky, people know him as this loving guy who always gave it his all but in return the world gave him the middle finger, he knew a lot dying was not the way to go about it, he could have just settled for something else if you fall once you have to learn to get every time.

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