Rest In Peace Brother, He was Killed For His Cellphone

Rest In Peace Brother, He was Killed For His Cellphone

The crime rate in South Africa keeps on getting worse each day. We are living in a terrible country where people are mugged and killed every day. What is even more painful is that some end up dying for the smallest thing that they can buy at anytime. People always blame foreigners for the crimes that happen in our country. That is why they have been calling for them to leave the country. Do you also believe that all the crimes that happen in South Africa are committed by foreigners?

It is no longer safe to walk alone in the street. Even during the day, people are being mugged in front of everyone, especially in Johannesburg. A few days ago, there was a trending video of a man who was mugged by 3 boys right in front of people in Johannesburg. Instead of helping him, they just took a video. Those boys defeat him and take all his belongings. What’s going on in our country? What happened to humanity?

Recently, there has been a trending story of a boy being killed for a simple cellphone. On Saturday morning, a student at the University of Pretoria was shot and died during the course of an armed robbery. On the video surveillance tape, a man can be seen walking up to the student, cocking a gun, and then firing it. According to the reposts, on Saturday. Thapelo Manwe went (student) to a bar to play pool.

He came back a little late and had to walk in the streets alone. On his way back, two men approached him, took out a gun, squabbled a little, and then they shot him dead. It was fortunate that there was a street camera, so everything was recorded. A few moments later, two men who match the description of those on camera were arrested. They were caught with Thapelo’s phone and their car matches exactly the one on the CCTV footage. According to the police statement, it seems like Thapelo was refusing to give them his phone, which is why they shot him.

People are being advised that if you are being robbed, you better be submissive and give them everything they want. Property can be replaced, but life is a very crucial thing. May his soul rest in peace and may the harshness of the law show its brutality to the perpetrators.


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