Reason why Unathi Nkayi dumps Somizi and she has revealed

Reason why Unathi Nkayi dumps Somizi and she has revealed

Unathi Nkayi has decided to unfollow Somizi Mhlongo on social media and as we know these two to be very close even on Idols SA you will see them sharing some friendship goals. But then, it seems like according to Zalebs media publication, Unathi doesn’t want any bad energy around her.

She prevailed that she has unfollowed somizi after she has advised people not to play American singer R-Kelly’s music anymore.

According to the publication, this comes after following the verdict handed down to the singer for his sex crimes. Some of our South African celebrities including, Unathi celebrated and wanted other people to stop listening to his music.

“To all my friends who think you are going to continue playing R-Kelly in my presence. Today it stops. No more philosophical blush*t about you separating the genius from the monster. It stops today HMKAY… Unless you love being a trigger,” she warned.

But many of her followers seem to think that she is still friends with Somizi, however, she revealed that she is not. Not only him Jub Jub and rape accused DJ Fresh and Euphonik as well.

According to Zalebs media publication, the media personality unfollowed Somizi after the abuse allegations leveled against him. According to my opinion, Unathi doesn’t want to be friends with people who are not doing good things but doing things to hurt others. She will unfollow you.

As you recall that these allegations led to some easy being canned on Idols SA. These allegations were brought forward by former lover Mohale, who allegedly claimed that Somizi was abusing him.

So, according to my opinion, this is pretty clear that Unathi doesn’t want any bad energy to follow her, do something bad to hurt others, then she simply and follows you on social media and you are no longer friends.

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