Rasta plans to tour Africa with his art

Rasta plans to tour Africa with his art

Rasta The Painter set to tour Africa

Rasta who is famously known as the celebrity painter opens up about his plans for 2023.

The artist has painted lots of celebrities’ painter, especially those who have passed away, and he plans to give his art more wings by traveling other countries in Africa.

The critics and trolls haven’t made him relent, rather it’s geared him up to grow.

“My biggest highlight now is being welcomed by fans in countries other than South Africa. They show so much love for my craft. As I tour, I get clients as well, so I’ll soon be making more deliveries. I’m humbled as an artist,” the Zimbabwean artist said.

“I’m expecting to tour Africa and would like to have exhibitions elsewhere. I am in contact with other artists so my aim is to have another [exhibition] so other African counties can see my work.

“2023 is going to be a good one as I have planted and know I will reap more.”