Ramaphosa Reveals 4 Places That Might Need Vaccination For Entry in Future: Unexpected 

Ramaphosa Reveals 4 Places That Might Need Vaccination For Entry in Future: Unexpected



Many times before the president has boldly said that no one will be forced to vaccinate in South Africa, he continued to go against this phrase on yesterday’s address. The address was all about dealing with the omicron coronavirus variant and measures to be taken from now. It was very pleasing that there was no decision to move the country to a higher lockdown level, but he mentioned that mandatory vaccinations are still being discussed.


The president expressed how there are many ways to deal with the current strain of the virus but the best one is vaccination. He explained how the whole country needs to look into getting vaccinated. He also said expressed how there are discussions going on around the issue of making mandatory vaccinations a thing for South Africa. He said that there are places that they are suggesting should need vaccination cards to access. The following is a quote from his speech:

“As individuals, as companies and as government, we have a responsibility to ensure that all people in this country can work, travel and socialise safely. We have therefore been undertaking engagements with social partners and other stakeholders on introducing measures that make vaccination a condition for access to workplaces, public events, public transport and public establishments.”

These places as stated above are:

1. Workplaces

2. Public Events

3. Public Transport

4. Public Establishments


Although the president is suggesting that people should do this in order to protect themselves and the rest of the country, many people are unhappy about the suggestion. They believe it is taking people’s rights away from them and forcing them to vaccinate indirectly.

If people can’t use public transport, then they cannot go to work and they will have no choice but to vaccinate. This mandate is still being discussed but South Africans already hate the whole idea. We will now wait and see what the discussions will lead but mandatory vaccinations for access will really start a big problem.

What is your take on the matter?

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