R Kelly in Hot water after he was sentenced life in prison

R Kelly in Hot water after he was sentenced life in prison


The guilty verdict in the s*x trafficking trial of singer R. Kelly, the most high-profile musician imprisoned, elicited a mix of relief and disbelief on Monday.

I’ve been watching a Reality TV show called “Surviving R. Kelly.”

Girls used to testify about what R. Kelly had done to them.

I had a feeling R. Kelly had fouled me.

Every Friday at 9:45 p.m., the program aired for an hour. As a kid, he made me stand on the roof and throw myself down, believing I could fly.

Every dog has his or her day, according to R. Kelly. My tears will not be shed. I believe he is deserving of it! He broke all the small girls, mostly v*rgins. He even married Alliyah when she was 14 and he was in his 30s.

The TV episode “Surviving R’ Kelly” features testimonies of R’ Kelly’s abuse.

He even purchased a bed for his recording studio. It’s fine as long as no girls get their hands on RKelly’s money. Allow him to rot in jail. He needs money for his family. Girls do not want to work right now.” According to a Facebook follower

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