R.I.P. Asemahle Mabetshe, A 22-Year-Old Who Was Found Dead In A Field

R.I.P. Asemahle Mabetshe, A 22-Year-Old Who Was Found Dead In A Field

Asemahle Mabetshe, a 22 year old from Cape Town was found dead in a field near Nyanga, no one can really explain the circumstances which led to her sudden demise and that is something that has led a lot of people to be concerned about the criminality that is happening in the area. It is clear that if this woman was killed, for no apparent reason then their loved ones can also fall victim to the criminalities that have been perpetrated.

Asemahle went missing the previous day and was last seen by her friends, it is truly unfortunate what happened and no one really knows who to point towards in order to point the blame so that they can get some kind of justice for what has happened to this poor lady.

It is sad that such deaths are happening in the area because we have actually seen quite a number of shootings that happen, and where victims are caught off guard and it is just an unfortunate situation that a lot of people find themselves in.

No one has been arrested yet, that is the sad story of most of these cases in the country whereby a lot of criminal activities are happening and a lot of injustice is being recognized because people can get away with a lot of crimes and murder is just one of them.

This is a very terrible thing because this is such a young lady and she had her whole life ahead of her so for someone to actually come and kill her is a huge thing for the family, that is why they’re so concerned about ensuring that the suspects who is responsible for this is apprehended. Also so that they can ensure that the they are thoroughly punished for the crimes that they have committed, because this is definitely something that cannot be allowed to continue the police cannot turn a blind eye.

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