Pray for the return of Skeemsaam’s actor,Know here is what has happened to him

Pray for the return of Skeemsaam’s actor,Know here is what has happened to him

2021 continues to be a bad year for many in the entertainment industry. Legends such as Shona Ferguson and more lost their lives, some had to battle against the deadly virus being Covid-19 and others met with accidents.

Cornet Mamabolo is a South African young actor who appears as Thabo Maputla on Mzansi’s most loved show being Skeemsaam. Cornet as Thabo on the mentioned show is John and Meikie Maputla’s son who has just turned the mother of his son, Mmapitsi to being his wife. Cornet Mamabolo has been injured on his arm and will be taking a break from Skeemsaam in filming his upcoming scenes of the mentioned show.

Cornet Mamabolo has been given advice by the doctors following his injury to take some time off from filming until he has completely healed to return to filming.

Speaking about his injury, Cornet Mamabolo said ” I fell down while cycling and then started to experience pain hours later”. Mamabolo believes that he will be back on set to continue filming for his upcoming scenes next month which is October.

The past weeks were filled with a lot of mixed emotions for Cornet Mamabolo’s fans as they witnessed him moving from that young boy who almost got lost along the way to a grown man who knows what he wants. Mamabolo was applauded by viewers on social media including his fans for finally being a man amongst men and marrying the mother of his son. Many cannot wait to see the type of husband he will be in going forward. May he heal so he can continue doing what he does best which is keeping viewers glued on televisions screens and entertained.

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