Pray for me, I’ve been here since 14th of Feb- Man left Mzansi in tears after this happened to him

Pray for me, I’ve been here since 14th of Feb- Man left Mzansi in tears after this happened to him

An appendectomy is a surgery to remove the appendix when it is infected. This condition is called appendicitis. Appendectomy is a common emergency surgery

The appendix is a thin pouch that is attached to the large intestine. It sits in the lower right part of your belly. If you have appendicitis, your appendix must be removed right away. If not treated your appendix can burst. This is a medical emergency.



Yesterday I came across a tweet of a young boy from Kwazulu Natal who goes by the name of Simphiwe Vukani Masondo. The young man appears to be in his late 20s and he has just undergone the Appendectomy.

The young man was asking for South Africans to keep him in their prayers as he goes through this time of hardships as he just underwent a very scary and serious surgery. He also indicated that he’s going through some hardships as there were complications during his surgery, and they seem to be serious.

He also revealed that the complications he’s speaking off are the kind of conditions he’s being exposed to like, being thrown off the bed while he’s still in stitches and having to watch his intestines inside a bag all day long. The young man also revealed that he’s in pain and he’s begging for South Africans to pray for him since he has been hospitalized since the 14th of February.

“You guys I need your prayers, been in hospital since 14 of February for appendix operation…but there’s been a lot of complications with my operation 🙏🏾,” he wrote.

“When I say “a lot of complications” I’m referring to hard conditions I’m facing here…such as being dropped off the bed while in stitches, having a bag holding my intestines. Twitter people I’m shouting for help I don’t wanna be in this hospital anymore 💔💔💔💔,” he added.

However, the moment South Africans saw how serious his situation is, they were so touched and they were so sad in the comment section as they can relate to what the young man was going through.

That’s when South Africans went to send him prayers, praying for Jesus to keep him safe until he recovers and others were so generous and even wanted to raise funds so that they can take him to a private hospital since he was suffering in a public one. However, South Africans were in tears after seeing how Simphiwe was suffering and the picture he posted was breathtaking.

See how Mzansi reacted to this tweet below:

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