Popular female celebrities who are from Zimbabwe

Popular female celebrities who are from Zimbabwe

Thandie Newtown

The American actress’s mother Nyasha is a Zimbabwean member of a Shona chiefly family automatically making the actress half Zimbabwean. Thandie was even given a Nguni name ‘Thandiwe’ meaning Beloved.

Chi Mende

Charlene Chiedza ‘Chi’ Kudzai Mhende, is a Zimbabwean actress, director, and voice-over artist. She is best known for shocking audiences with her convincing male portrayal of ‘Wandile Radebe’ on the South African soap opera Generations.

Sophie Ndaba

The actress grew up in Zimbabwe and attended school there. She came to SA to pursue her modeling career.

Tinashe Kachingwe

The singer is a Zimbabwean citizen by descent by virtue of her father, Michael Kachingwe, being a Zimbabwean citizen. She also acquired automatic United States citizenship by being born in the United States. The firstborn of three children, it is not known if Tinashe or her siblings Thulani and Kudzai have ever been to Zimbabwe, although their Zimbabwean names point to a father very proud of his roots.

Danai Gurira

The actress’s parents moved from Southern Rhodesia which is now Zimbabwe to the United States in 1964. She is the youngest of four siblings, Shingai, Choni, Tare, and Chiropractor.

Mona Monyane

The South African actress was born in Zimbabwe when her South African parents were exiled there during Apartheid. This means she has citizenship there.


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