Photos: Makhazi Or Monada? Who Has the Most Beautiful House? 

Photos: Makhazi Or Monada? Who Has the Most Beautiful House?

Whenever you mention Limpopo province to other people, it’s well-known that Limpopo residents are famed for their enormous homes. Houses in Limpopo are far superior to those in many other regions. The majority of Limpopo residents live in mansions and large residences because they have a long-term commitment to the city. Limpopo, unlike neighboring provinces like Gauteng, lacks employment prospects, making it difficult to locate a place to rent or a place to live. The vast majority of residences are long-term residences built for their families.

This past week, King Monada’s mansion became an internet sensation when he posted images of it online. In today’s world, it’s unusual for a young person to take on the task of building a house from scratch.

Limpopo Houses, a Facebook page, generated quite a sensation when posting the homes of Makhadzi, Monada, and Benny Mayengani on their pages. In order to honor Limpopo artists for building large houses, the page was renamed “Mahadzi vs. Monada House Battle.” Many people have conflicting views on this topic.

Let me know what you think about these two properties now. I’ll post images of each house below, and you’ll decide which one is the most lovely. Keep in mind that this is not a tribe assessment; it’s simply for fun.

Below is a photo of Monada’s house:

Below are photos of Makhadzi’s house:




Make a decision as to who has the greatest home now. There’s no reason to be sarcastic or mean-spirited in this situation. It’s fine if you don’t want to participate. Sincerely,

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