Our Perfect Wedding: An enthusiastic man wants to celebrate his blushing bride pictures

Our Perfect Wedding: An enthusiastic man wants to celebrate his blushing bride pictures

This week on Our Perfect Wedding we met a plain and simple coupled with plain and simple objectives. A church choir romance that culminated in marriage and three beautiful children.

A man who wants to brag about his wife is a green flag

It was one of the simplest weddings we’ve seen but it didn’t make it any less significant. It was harder though for the host to do her job with a stoic bride. She barely had anything to say about her own dress and only seemed to light upon the actual wedding day, dancing and showing she’s actually glad to be there.

I’ve noticed it’s the grooms who usually call OPW to be a part of their special day which is really cute. The idea of them wanting to show off their significance to the nation is really commendable. In a world where cheating is the norm and no one values loyalty, it’s refreshing to have men eager to be committed forever.

He was gushing over her the entire time and telling us how he loves and values her, proving this by trusting her opinion on their rings. She was less energetic than him but still optimistic. I loved hearing from his sister how close they are and how they help each other out. It was probably why he is able to treat his wife with respect, rain or shine

No vows?

The outfits were on point throughout along with stunning decor throughout the multiple ceremonies. I was surprised though that no vows were involved. When they got to the church they stood with the pastor but no vows were said. They listened to him speak and proceeded after. It was a strange part of the wedding but everything else went off without a hitch!



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