Once Upon A Time! Lady Says As She Reveals Previous Criminal Activities Done By Julius Malema

Once Upon A Time! Lady Says As She Reveals Previous Criminal Activities Done By Julius Malema

Julius Malema, a well-acknowledged political leader in South Africa, has been insulted on Twitter. A lady whose Twitter identity stated that she stands with those that are regarded as useless, reveals previous information about Julius Malema. The revealed report was related to the current situation surfacing in South Africa. This lady released a previous report which stated that Julius Malema earlier in the year 2013 faced the same challenges Cyril Ramaphosa is facing currently. She released an old report of where Malema was charged for money laundering, as his farm was shut down by the asset forfeiture unit. While this lady passed her tweet on Twitter, she captioned it “Once upon a time!!”.

Pertaining to the hodiern charges and allegations placed on South Africa’s incumbent President Cyril Ramaphosa, Julius Malema reacted, attacking Cyril Ramaphosa and claiming that he was a bad leader. Julius Malema who is meant to play the role of a disciplined leader was caught abusing South Africa’s president. Now, in order for South Africans to make him silent, they released a previous report concerning his criminal activities. Julius Malema, who is seen rendering abusive names to Ramaphosa will have no choice but to remain calm.

Julius Malema has longed to be disapproved from the interest and minds of South Africans, as they claimed that all his actions were dubious and deceitful. South Africans who were praising Julius Malema are now criticizing him. Julius Malema has been pinpointed as a talkative. His lifestyle astonishes South Africans. Cyril Ramaphosa who is currently facing difficulties, in carrying out his normal lifestyle is being defended by South Africans. Numerous South Africans believe that their president is innocent of the allegations placed on him by his ex-worker.




South Africans who are die-hard supporters of Cyril Ramaphosa’s current government said that all the story published by Arthur Fraser, the whistleblower of the ongoing scandal surrounding Cyril’s name was cooked up. They also added that if actually Cyril Ramaphosa was involved in criminal allegations he placed on him, he wouldn’t have helped the information for a whole two (2) years.

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