NPA Drops Bombshell About 2nd Docket That Implicates Kelly Khumalo

NPA Drops Bombshell About 2nd Docket That Implicates Kelly Khumalo

NPA says the second docket in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial has no merit, as soon as this came on social media many people were quite shocked that the National Prosecuting Authority would even take this stance considering how clear it is that the people in the house were witnesses.
The general public at large really needs those who are inside the house to come forward and testify, this definitely shocked a lot of people and now they’re asking for answers.

The NPA says that Docket 375 was an internal opinion from a junior advocate that has no merit, however, the fact that this advocate was a Junior doesn’t say much. The fact that the top advocates did not recognize the connection, between the presence of witnesses during the murder as seriously questionable is concerning.

Khumalo has been quiet all this time and not questioned as to why she hasn’t been called to testify, however, the members of the public have always asked for her to come forward and testify along with her family member so that we can get clarity of the events of that day.

Now that the second docket has surfaced she suddenly has a voice to say that she should have been the one to testify, but the matter is that the NPA seems to be siding with them and it makes one wonder if the NPA is making the right decision.

This proves how lazy our law enforcements are, it takes 8 years to find out who shot Senzo Meyiwa, and not only that but we still don’t know because people are denying involvement.

It was gonna take a good investigation team 3 days to solve this if they had locked up all of the suspects that were found on that scene, they would have had to transfer them to a different prison while they are awaiting trial or investigation.

They were also supposed to be interrogated, and they would have probably confessed the truth about the real killer. The only way forward here is to bring those who were inside the house to tell the nation who pulled the trigger on that, this is incredibly interesting.

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