No One Wanted THIS Abandoned Child With Silver Eyes. Then They Notice a Picture

No One Wanted THIS Abandoned Child With Silver Eyes. Then They Notice a Picture

Today’s tale centers on a remarkable little Chinese girl named Primrose. Primrose is a really unique young lady who was born with congenital glaucoma.

Primrose’s eyes eventually turned from pale blue to silver due to this uncommon condition. Her unusual illness was completely untreated for the first two years of her existence, leaving the poor kid in excruciating discomfort. She was born with a hearing problem in addition to the eye disease that rendered her blind.

Due to her odd disease, her mother abandoned her in China, and she eventually found herself in an orphanage.

The poor girl was now isolated and in the dark in an orphanage, where she could barely hear anything. She was essentially ignored in the orphanage for whatever reason, refusing to let her drink from a bottle. While Primrose was suffering at the Chinese orphanage, Erin and Chris, a couple in the US, were simply reading through their Facebook newsfeed when they came on a post about this precious, helpless girl.

As Erin read Primrose’s story and tried to learn as much as she could about the young child, her heart was utterly broken.

Primrose deserved a better life than this, something in her gut told her, and she was determined to be the one to bring it about. To meet Primrose and decide whether to adopt her, Erin, her husband, and their kids took a plane to China.

Things were far worse than they had anticipated when they arrived to the orphanage; she was rapidly losing strength, had a fever, and was rapidly deteriorating. She was in such horrible form that they weren’t even sure she would be able to board the plane and return to America. She managed to survive, boarded the aircraft, and traveled to the United States with her new adoptive parents, brother, and sister.

The young girl had never experienced affection, comfort, or the knowledge that there were people out there who would truly look after her. She had a lot of problems adjusting to a new home and love when she returned because she had lived her entire life being mistreated. She was taken out of hospitals in the third world and given the care she so sorely needed, and slowly she has started to regain her strength.


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