Next On SkeemSaam: Chaos At The Wedding Of Mapitsi And Tbose..Here Is What Will Happen In #SkeemSaam

Next On SkeemSaam: Chaos At The Wedding Of Mapitsi And Tbose..Here Is What Will Happen In #SkeemSaam

Next On SkeemSaam: Chaps At The Wedding Of Mapitsi And Tbose. See More Details Here

This week we are going to see a whole lots of drama that will never end at least we expected. This week we are going to see and to witness the wedding of Tbose Maputla and Mapitsi Magongwa when they exchange their vows. If you don’t have TV make sure you get one because it’s going to be the best wedding of the year.

When you are in Rome you do like Romans do that’s mapitsi for us. She’s getting married to Maputla family .family tht is full of scamming in crimes and get out easily ,good in lies ,full of. Hidden secrets soon mapitsi will be doing tht to protect the family name.

SkeemSaam is the best honestly, they never make you have questions. I mean their story line is up to date as from when it started till now I have never got confused. Skeem saam grows up with us, big up. It been more than 5 years we have not see Sonti Magongwa and we are going to see her thus week. Sonti will make her first appearance at the wedding of her little sister Mapitsi and Tbose. If you still recall Sonti left after Lehada took her compan. Sje was left heart broken after she thought Lehasa is the dream man that God has prepared for her. Make sure you watch this week episode’s because we are not sure what she have in store for us.

After seeing this week updates I also can’t wait to see Meike’s face when another makoti for the Maputlas arrives because they all Makotis at Maputlas only that Meiki arrives before. Kwaito and Meikie will fight until freedom and peace comes into our land. Kwaito will enter the church where everyone is least expected to see him. It wi be a fight and a beef between and Meikie. It sad that Meikie have been restricted so she will not act crazy at a wedding that is not hers.





Kwaito is going to cry on his speech as he deliver hurtful speech that will left Thabo crying. Thabo and Kwaito making peace that is all we want because SkeemSaam fans love their friendship and so we wanna see how it is going to be now because they are half brothers. Kwaito entered as if he there was something chasing him, the truth is he barged the door because he was late to attend his best friend’s wedding.

Kwaito and Tbose should focus on fixing their friendship despite recent jaw dropping twists, we know it won’t be easy but with time they will come around. Leeto should stop interfering on Tbose’s marriage and go approach Lizzy. Lastly Celia must move on from Ben’s death because going back will not bring Ben’s life back to earth. Welcome back Sonti. Alfred is so scared of Meikie, he just saw red when Zamo enters. I can’t wait to see the ceremony.

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