New Trends and Designs of Different Nail Shapes

New Trends and Designs of Different Nail Shapes

Manicure is one of the most important final stages of each girl’s image. Masters all over the world are trying to introduce another new product, and set the course of the new trend, because fashion never stands still. Each season we are surprised by different acrylic nail shapes: the nail designs shapes, the length. It is very changeable and we create it ourselves.

Every day there are more and more new products and trends, and we just do not have time to follow them all. The sphere of nail art is not an exception. And what the trendy manicure requirements will be in 2022 and what the types of nail shapes will be the most popular? So, below you can see the hottest trends of all seasons of the year: of summer and winter, as well as of spring and autumn.

The Most Fashionable Form of Nails: 2022 Trends
When choosing a nail is worth remembering that at the peak of popularity right now – it is a natural and natural style. Women prefer to “own” the nail plate, not false nails; a bright and catchy design is replaced by a classic french gentle or light color.

Even if we consider the fact that this year the Red Rooster Fire, that does not mean that all the rage long and colorful nails! Naturally, the first question master sounds on what types of nails shape you want. But how do you choose? Surprisingly, it is now the most squeak – short nails. Let’s understand more.