Nathasha Thahane might be in trouble after she said this on her statement

Nathasha Thahane might be in trouble after she said this on her statement

Her story doesn’t add up it proves she’s lying. During the podcast said they gave her 1 million rand but now she’s saying she got 350,000 which is not true.

According to the department of Arts and Culture a student who studying abroad is allowed to have a maximum of 250,000 there any scholarship, so how come did Natasha got 350000 if she is saying they didn’t give it to her she applied for it

give us receipts for these proposals and applications just as you did for the Obama Foundation?! You can’t nitpick the version of events like this.

You should have just posted the application form. What you’re doing now is solidifying the claims that your funding was ill-gotten, because this is effectively an admission that you did, in fact, circumvent the due process because you’re seemingly more equal than the rest of us.

but then the SportArtsCultur need to account for how they granted someone funding to study at an international *private* institution when applicants applying to public unis didn’t receive funding. also isn’t their funding capped at R250k per applicant also?

You rehearsed these events but…you still missed to acknowledge how easily you got the money…your application wasn’t unique but your access to the said persons made is easier for you.

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