Nathasha Thahane made one simple call to Baleka Mbethe and got one million bursary

Nathasha Thahane made one simple call to Baleka Mbethe and got one million bursary

We know that in South Africa, many students are really struggling to be able to access proper tertiary education. We have students who are now owing huge amounts of money and they are unable to graduate because of that.

There are other people who are privileged because they are related to certain people of high power. They can get whatever it is that they want but it should not happen at the expense of ordinary South Africans. Just because you are the granddaughter of Arch Bishop Desmond Dudu does not mean you just make a simple phone call and things happen.

Just imagine the kind of response that we would have got if we as ordinary citizens had to call Baleka Mbemthe and ask for 1 million juts for tuition fees? You would have been asked who you are and that you have to follow proper procedure for applying for a bursary. They would tell you to go and apply for Nasfas.

The granddaughter of Arch Bishop Desmond Dudu Nathasha Thahane said that when she needed funding, the only thing that she did was to call Baleka Mbethe and ask for the funding, and then Baleka Mbethe then called the minister of arts and culture and from there, the rest was history just like that.

South Africans are so outraged by this and the fact that she is so proud of it and she does not see anything wrong with it is what makes people be angry. People should not want things that they can not afford period. That money that she got was supposed to go and do things that will benefit the whole community but then it had to be redirected just for her.

There is no equality in South Africa. The more you are poor the more the government makes you even poorer and ensures that you do not become a success.

Natasha got the acceptance letter in January and she was supposed to start in May 2017. Whoever was the Minister of Arts and Culture 2017 will be trending very soon. It took them less than 6 months to approve a million funding but in some cases, we are told that these things take time.


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