My Husband And His 9 Drunk Friends Forced Themselves On Me Left Me For Dead

My Husband And His 9 Drunk Friends Forced Themselves On Me Left Me For Dead

Bernice spoke bitterly of her suffering at the hands of her husband, who took the women home one by one to bed. She made matters worse by taking turns leading eight men to have make love with her.

Born and raised in Gatun. After completing elementary school, he did not attend middle school due to lack of school fees. He has tea with his mother. She met a man when she was 13 who told her he loved her. He was naïve and thought that this man would somehow be with him.

Eventually, they moved to Naivasha and introduced her to her parents. They found a house at the end of town with no neighbors. Her husband worked as a construction worker. One day he came home and started smoking at home. He says it’s his life and Bernice needs to get used to it.

The man changed, started drinking, and would bring a woman to his house and have make love with them. He may also force her to lie on her back. He told her to advise her mother, but she didn’t change. They fortunately had 3 children from their marriage

One day her husband said there would be eight people that night. She bought a little white dress to prepare dinner and wear for the night. He ordered the child to be taken to his mother’s house.

The tourists brought wine, she served them food, and they ate. She walked into their room where they were drinking and smoking. Her husband called her, threw her on the couch, and had made love with her in front of eight people.

He was then called forward, and eight men tortured her, senseless. Assuming she was dead, they left the door open. She regained consciousness at 4 am. She tried to gather strength, picked up her phone and called her mother.

She went to tell her everything, but she warned her not to tell anyone because he was the only breadwinner in his family and his mother. She was there for 3 weeks and never came back. When he recovered, he moved. She moved out and rented a small house with her children. She urged women to get rid of the poison of marriage.

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