Mother Kills Their 2-Years-Old Daughter Before Committing Suicide

Mother Kills Their 2-Years-Old Daughter Before Committing Suicide

tragic and disturbing occurrence occurred early this morning, when a woman killed her own daughter before committing suicide, according to reports. According to K24, Jane Wanjiru was alone with her daughter in their rented property at the time of the wicked crime, which gave her plenty of opportunity to carry out her evil plan. It was claimed that Jane’s home help sought for permission so that she could see her relatives.

She had to leave due of an emergency, but she had vowed to return as soon as possible. When she arrived, she knocked on the door, but no one answered. She was required to stand outside the door until Jane’s husband returned home from work. It has been stated that Jane’s husband came at the door and opened it for his wife. They were taken aback when they discovered Jane’s body hanging from the ceiling. She had already decided to take her own life.


Besides that, Jane strangled their daughter and dumped her body on the bed. It has been stated that Jane left a suicide note behind, which was discovered and read by those who came across it. Jane had explained the reason for her decision to take her own life. She expressed her frustration with infidelity issues and stated that her spouse was unfaithful. Jane’s body was taken away by police officers who were dispatched to the scene. Investigations are still ongoing in order for a case to be brought forward.

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