Mother Allegedly Accused of Killing Her Ten Years Old Daughter

Mother Allegedly Accused of Killing Her Ten Years Old Daughter

She is charged with first-degree reckless murder in the death of her 10-year-old daughter. Henrietta Rogers is the suspect.

Police were called to a home on N. 44th Street, just south of Hampton Avenue, on Thursday, Feb. 10. When officers arrived at the duplex, they found a 10-year-old girl who “looked to be deceased for several hours.” Jada Clay was recognized afterward.

Jada’s elder sister was interrogated by cops. The 10-year-old was “acting up” the previous evening by “refusing to allow the defendant to put braids in her hair,” the complaint alleges.

On Feb. 10, the 10-year-old still refused the braid treatment, the lawsuit claims. The elder sister told cops she “Heard a loud boom inside the bathroom and ran to investigate. As the elder sister approached the bathroom, she saw the defendant lying on the bathroom floor, his back to the rear wall. The bathroom vanity sink had come free from the wall and was falling towards the toilet. The defendant held a mirror that had fallen from the bathroom wall. The 10-year-old was also on the restroom floor, near the defendant’s knees and feet “the lawsuit alleges Jada’s older sister informed authorities she was uninjured at the time.

Rogers allegedly urged her kids to get ready for school and departed. After a while, the elder sister was worried about being late for school. According to the accusation, she approached the 10-year-room old’s and offered to walk her. The allegation claims the 10-year-old shut her room. So she departed, expecting her mother to arrive and take Jada to school.

After school, the defendant’s older sister called for a pickup. Rogers was silent. a ride from her elder brother When the two returned home, they “unlocked the door and entered the apartment, noticing the top unit was ajar and unlocked,” the lawsuit said. They got to Jada’s room, unlocked it with a screwdriver, and found her on the floor. the 911 call

On Feb. 10, just before 9 p.m., police were called to Schlitz park for “a woman weeping and asking for aid.” cops found rogers when they arrived “who seemed agitated. The defendant said he was out of gas and wanted to go home. “The defendant’s 10-year-old daughter…was just found murdered inside the defendant’s apartment,” cops said “the remark states.

The lawsuit states that when police approached Rogers for approval to search her home, she refused. Officers observed she didn’t inquire about her daughter’s health. “She grew irritated and asked why police were questioning the defendant,” the complaint alleges. rogers was apprehended.

The medical examiner ruled Jada Clay’s death as murder with hypoxia as the preliminary cause of death.

It also says “The defendant’s arms had several cuts and bruises. Plaintiff said she was hurt moving furniture.”

Rogers was due in Milwaukee County court on Feb. 15.

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