Mom Warns Unvaccinated Mzansi People”Don’t Take The Vaccine, I’m Dying No One Can Help” 

Mom Warns Unvaccinated Mzansi People”Don’t Take The Vaccine, I’m Dying No One Can Help”

“Don’t Take The Vaccine, I’m Dying No One Can Help” Beautiful Mom Warns Unvaccinated Mzansi People.

Trouble lurks even as South Africans have started having crazy and shocking reports of those with very adverse effects after taking the so-called Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine that’s supposed to help prevent the Coronavirus infection, has in its own way become a source of pain to hundreds so far.

The vaccination process which began early this year had strong opposition from well-meaning South Africans who said that the vaccine is ideally supposed to be in trial and monitoring for at least a year before being used on healthy humans. But this fell on deaf ears as of course, time like this comes with profits for so many greedy people, one way or another.

Then after making it compulsory in diverse ways, South Africans, at least those who don’t have issues with the vaccine. Began getting the jab, usually, it’s an experience that will happen twice before it’s complete. This was being done whilst people around the world began reporting that the vaccines aren’t safe.

The just last week South Africa began getting its own reports, first was a lady who posted that her mom was dying after taking the vaccine, and then another young man cried out after indicating that his grandma has been in critical condition since the jab of the vaccine.

This of course caused an uproar as many began sharing these posts requesting that political and medical authorities look into these reports of terrible effects from the vaccine. Yes, they were still neglected.



However, it’s becoming terrifying how bad the vaccine might really be too healthy humans. A young beautiful lady who is a mother of one has taken to her social media account to declare that she’s dying from the vaccine.

The young mother of a one-year-old son, Kgaugelo, hours ago took to her Twitter account to warn Mzansi not to take the vaccine as she’s dying from just the first jab. Kgaugelo said, “don’t do it, no one can help me, they’re only giving her antihistamines”.

Apparently, the doctors and nurses do not know what’s causing her so much pain and eating her up from the Covid-19 vaccine. Hence they only gave her antihistamines, these are drugs that treat hay fever and other allergies.

My Take: I would really advise people to be careful how they go about this, it could be false alarms but yet could all still be all true. Yet I believe religious people, like Christians, believe the vaccine is evil.


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