Moffat Manganyi claims Deborah Fraser was defrauded of everything by her ex-Nigerian husband

Moffat Manganyi claims Deborah Fraser was defrauded of everything by her ex-Nigerian husband

Deborah Fraser, a South African gospel singer, has died. She was also known as “Doctor Deborah Fraser” during her time in the spotlight. Her first album, Abanye Bayombona, was released in 2000, and she began her career as a backup singer in 1985. Over a million albums have been sold to date.

Moffat Manganyi set the Twittersphere on fire after he claimed that Deborah Fraser’s financial woes were the result of a Nigerian scammer. “She was scammed by her ex-Nigerian husband of everything,” he wrote in a tweet. We tell our sisters that Nigerians only get married for one reason: the green book. Those who know us say we’re envious.”

She made a decision, just like everyone else. In my opinion, blaming the Nigerian guy for the decisions she made is a bad idea.

I don’t think it’s a Nigerian phenomenon. For each individual, it’s a matter of personal preference. Not every Nigerian is a scam artist. It’s time for us to correct the narrative appeal. Nigeria does have scammers, but that does not mean everyone here is a scammer. Please? Twitter user: “I’m sorry about how some of us in the country paint others, but please let’s stop generalizing.” Nigerians have been blamed for the crisis.

For a long time, there was a lady who worked for Transnet. When she met Nigerians, her heart fell for them. He compelled her to resign and sell her property. He said he would take charge of the Nigerian railway as a manager. Her pension money was stolen by her husband, and she ended up selling bread on the street of Lagos, “says Lungelo. ”

We don’t know, but based on what we’ve heard from both sides, she was the one who mismanaged the funds.

“You can’t claim they scammed you when you’re employed and given what you agreed to.” That other sister was left with debts and a suspended prison sentence for fraud is also something I wish I could tell you about. SAPS and the NPA helped smuggle the Nigerian Guy out of the country. They’re not just scamming you, they’re also using you for fraud.” Mehlokazulu was also added.

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