Mmabatho Leaves Mzansi With A Broken Heart

Mmabatho Leaves Mzansi With A Broken Heart

A legendary actress by the name of Mmabatho left South African with a broken heart after she shared some very disturbing news via her Instagram account. One of the South African black Owned cinemas is going to be demolished and as a result, they’re going to build a mall on its place, as an actress when she was young her father used to take her there that’s where her passion for acting was born… Right now as we are she’s one of the best actresses of her generation.

She’s very heartbroken and she’s very angry with the government because the building is so iconic, and if we’re being honest they’re no cinemas in our townships as we’re speaking. According to Mmabatho, the building has so much potential, not to mention that it was a symbol of hope, not just black excellence. She wanted the building to be turned into something like an acting school, museum even an African cinema.

Legendary figures such as Khanyi as well Manaka Ranaka all grew up there and today they’re the biggest stars in the African continent. Today it’s really a sad day for the entertainment industry, a lot of actress/ actors they’re left in distraught.

As it is in South Africa they’re a lot of shipping centers it’s sad that the businessman they didn’t care about the history of the building.

A shopping center was not really necessary, a lot of people are not happy with the government for making this sort of decision. This place had so much potential besides that’s where stars were born here they didn’t show any respect to our own history.

I guess it’s the price we have to pay for being a developing countries sacrifice will have to be made in order for life to become much easier, they’re even going as far as describing capitalism as a monster.


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