Martin Khathu Nkomo, Top Taxi Boss Assassinated RIP

Martin Khathu Nkomo, Top Taxi Boss Assassinated RIP

Taxi boss Martin Khathu Nkomo from Malonga village was slained on Saturday, he apparently started from humble beginnings and ended up having 50 buses and his success has been an inspiration.

Check with your loved ones as a taxi owner is shot dead in a taxi related violent incident, unfortunately we cannot disclose the details like Registration number of the taxi he was driving. That’s a nations in the area seriously troubled a lot of people and that is why, and that is after another incident happened where it the taxi driver was assassinated earlier today in broad daylight.

It is unclear what happened for the suspects to target him but this could be due to the fights that are going on with the taxi industry, it is clear that the assassinations have not stopped and they are not likely to stop.

Until the police can be able to come up with a serious plan to ensure that there is security in the taxi industry, and we have seen that this arming of individuals is definitely a bad idea.

We saw what happened the last time the police tried to disarm taxi drivers, they were fighting against the police and refusing to be disarmed because they’re saying that they’re going to be targeted by the other taxi drivers.

From the other rival taxi association and you know how deadly these individuals can get that is why the officials are basically in a situation, where they are wondering if they can bring some kind of resolution to this taxi industry problem because all that these individuals are fighting for is more money and access to more roots.

The minister of transport Fikile Mbalula put out a tweet saying that the taxi drivers must apply for government relief, it is unclear what he’s trying to say by that. But we understand that the taxi drivers were complaining about the fact that they did not receive any of their government money, in terms of the terms which is definitely suspicious considering that these individuals are running businesses that employ people.

So obviously that is a huge seriously questionable thing meaning that the wealth that was distributed was not even distributed amongst the black population during the COVID-19. Despite many billions being borrowed and the country being leveraged now we’re left to the high tax bill and no either way, but to pay back the money and that is why we experiencing such tough times with high interest rates because the government is trying to repay that debt and balance out the inflation.

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