Man ends his journey of giving birth

Man ends his journey of giving birth

A man decides to end journey of fertility.

Aita Joel decides to prevent fertility. This is birth control. It’s optional to be done by the individual. However it can be a best decision if you many children.The man went for vasectomy. It’s only done by qualified doctors. He has taken a huge step to literally take responsibility. This man feels he has enough children.

Many people finds it difficult to prevent fertility likewise pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with it. One can decides once they feel children are enough. However there is specific doctors to attend. God blesses each person with different things that’s why others have kids,house and car but you would find others with no child but successful. All is God’s plan and blessings are different.

The public also believe it’s a good choice. However it’s best for his responsibilities. Therefore the decision is for his future and success. Here is how the public commented. Read more here.



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