Life Sentence 252 Years In Prison For The Cruel Man Of God Who Insured Church Members To Kill Them

Life Sentence 252 Years In Prison For The Cruel Man Of God Who Insured Church Members To Kill Them

Pastor and his wife were sentenced to 252 years behind bars for ensuring church members with R26 million to kill them.

Pastor Melisizwe and his wife Siphosihle Pamba were both sentenced and sent to jail for the same crimes. The two young individuals did not see it coming as they lived their lavish lifestyle which they generated from the lives of their beloved church members. From a distance, the couple operated a successful church with hundreds of members. But what the congregants were not aware of was that their spiritual leaders saw them as cash cows.

They took out life and funeral policies that were worth R26,9 million on behalf of church members without them knowing that the two intended to kill them and benefit from insurance payouts. The two were caught in July after they killed a church member who was only 25 years old. Home Mohapi was insured for R3 million shortly before her murder. Mohapi was found dead with seven stab wounds and her throat slit by Pastor Mongo and his cousin Phumlani Qhusheka after being lured under the promise of a job interview at George Airport.

His wife Pamba was heard in a recording calling an insurance company pretending to be Mohapi and taking a life cover. A few days later Mongo called the same insurance company after Mohapi’s death to claim the insurance and pretended to be the deceased’s boyfriend. The National Prosecuting Authority told George Herald that life insurance policies were taken on behalf of Nomfundo Booi, Anelisa Xhotyeni, Bulelwa Sihawu, and Mohapi, all members of God’s Work International Ministries.

The Spokesperson for the NPA in the Western Cape Eric Ntabazalila said that the unsuspecting victims were insured with Assupol, Liberty Life, 1 Life insurance, Clientele Life, and Discovery. The accused stood to receive approximately R26,9 million from the policies. While on trial in February witnesses said that Pastor Monqo tried three timed to kill Nomfundo Booi. The hitman was a 20 year old from the same church and was hired to kill Booi. He worked as a driver in the church. Booi was stubbed several times but survived the attack and spent weeks in hospital.

Mongo was convicted of Mohapi’s murder and 24 other charges including robbery with aggravating circumstances, assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, housebreaking with intent to commit murder, illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, and 1 count of fraud. He was sentenced to 252 years in prison and his wife Pamba was sentenced to effective 20 years I jail with Judge Cashwell Papier saying that he deviated from the prescribed minimum sentences for her because she was also Monqo’s victim. The hitman received a life sentence of 63 years imprisonment. Mongo did not show any remorse throughout the trial.

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