Lessons To Learn From Graduate Who Wrote To Lagos Governor That He Needs A Job

Lessons To Learn From Graduate Who Wrote To Lagos Governor That He Needs A Job

Many of you must have heard the recent report of the young man who went to stand outside the secretariat gate in Lagos to demand that he needs a job from the Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

He even went on to make a billboard detailing his request and inscribed his curriculum vitae (CV) in it.

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The man who is physically challenged with paralysis to his right hand caused by an accident he had when he was going to school at age five (5), however, did not allow his medical condition to stop him from achieving his curiosity of learning as he successfully completed his primary, second and tertiary education.

Ever since the completion of his National Youth Corps Service, the man who claimed he has a degree in Economics, said he has searched for a well-deserving job to no avail.

He said that due to the stigma attached to his condition, most employers don’t want to employ him and he has only been feeding on the pockets of his family members and other well-meaning people.

This has since made a lot of Nigerians react to the news on social media and appeal to the Governor to give him a job.

Lessons To Learn From The Graduate

1. He is not crime oriented: By speaking out about his repeated disappointments in finding a good job and his current need for one, he made it known that he prefers to work in an office with his hard earned certificate than to go into the world of crime due to lack of employment.

2. He is Smart: The graduate showed his smartness by inscribing his curriculum vitae into the open letter he wrote directly to the state Governor. Another person might have only gone there hoping for a miracle after laying their complaint but he did the needful by adding his CV to back up his educational background claim just as he would have done if he went to apply in any other company he went seeking for a job.

3. He believes in himself: Despite his physical challenge, he didn’t look down on himself the way employers look down on him but rather, has full self-esteem in himself to effectively deliver the job given to him in his area of expertise. No matter what, believe in yourself and always go for what you believe in.

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