Learn About Kenyan Community Where The Dead Can Refuse To Be Buried_ Details

Learn About Kenyan Community Where The Dead Can Refuse To Be Buried_ Details

Whether that’s the case or not, in some Kenyan communities we’ve heard stories that many would think are just fairy tales, but that’s true. The story includes the main one involving the dead who refuse to be buried in certain places when certain people are nearby. Maybe you’ve heard stories of dead bodies refusing to get in cars or causing all kinds of drama. These cases are mostly recorded in Western countries, and a bizarre incident was recently caught on camera that proves these narratives to be true. The body bluntly refused to be transported.

Most people don’t believe in superstition, but among the Luo and Lua people there is a belief that the dead can still “act”. They believe the dead can still hear and see everyone around them. That’s why bad things can happen when a person who had beef with the deceased is around. Sometimes back, KTN reported a shocking incident in which the body of a temporary worker who died in Eldoret refused to be loaded into a vehicle to be transported to Busia for burial.

All the vehicles carrying the bodies had mysterious mechanical problems, but when mourners unloaded the bodies, the vehicles moved. Well, a similar incident happened recently in Zambia. This superstition is common in other communities across the continent. Dramatic events unfold at Zambia’s funeral when a body refuses to be buried. The person carrying the coffin of the deceased could not bring it to the grave for burial. Video capturing the incident showed several men being pushed around as they struggled to carry the coffin. It appears that these men are wrestling with invisible forces trying to take the coffin from them. Such incidents are thought to only occur when there is a foul in the deceased’s death.

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