Last Night’s Episode Of Uyajola99 Left People Wondering If The Cheater Might Be Abused?

Last Night’s Episode Of Uyajola99 Left People Wondering If The Cheater Might Be Abused?

Every season, Jub Jub and his crew visit different places in the country’s different cities to assist individuals who feel like their partners are being unfaithful.

The show that is hosted by Jub Jub is for her entertainment. The thing that makes it more entertaining is Jub Jub’s commentary. Most South Africans are tuned in every Sunday to see the drama that will unfold.

Last night’s episode was no different. A lady from the Eastern Cape called Jub Jub came to help her expose her partner, who she suspected was cheating. She told Jub Jub that it would not be the first time her partner was cheating on her, but the fourth time. And when Jub Jub was done with his investigation, they found out that he was indeed cheating and caught. The woman he was cheating on revealed that they were together for two years and had also had a baby together.

The lady who was being cheated on was really angry and showed signs of someone who fights often. Especially someone who might be beating up their partner because of the way she treated him and he showed signs of being afraid of her because she seems like a bully.

And it made people on social media notice that the guy might be cheating, but he probably has valid reasons why he is cheating. Maybe he is happy in the relationship and wants to leave, but the lady does not want to let him go. It also seems like the guy might be afraid to leave as someone who is abused and afraid of their life.

Men being in abusive relationships is also a real thing that is not talked about much in our society. Men are especially afraid of reporting it because their masculinity will be questioned. But men need to be protected too, and if the lady is abusing him, he needs to find a way to leave and protect himself.


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