King Monada Posted a Photo Of His Beautiful House But People Noticed Something that Left Many Sad

King Monada Posted a Photo Of His Beautiful House But People Noticed Something that Left Many Sad

King Monada is a South African musician who hails from the province of Limpopo. His music has brought international attention to South Africa, and it is played in many different countries across the world. Monada is the undisputed king of Khelobedu house music at this point in time. It was in 2016 when he released the singles “Ska Bhora Moreki” and “Malwedhe” that brought him to prominence. He is a Khelobedu singer who began singing in his mother tongue after being influenced to do so by other Limpopo musicians. Monada is one of the most successful and well-off musicians in Limpopo. He has a lot of money.

A few months ago, he was trending all over social media as there was a house warning party at his home. Monada built a very big mansion in his village. King Monada’s house is located in his hometown, in Ga-Mokgoloboto Village, in Tzaneen, Mopani district municipality, Limpopo, where he is perceived as a living legend. One thing that people love about him is that he’s not like other singers who relocate from their villages to Sandyon after getting rich and famous. Monada built in his village where he grew up, and it is a good idea because the cost of living there is reasonable.

Yesterday, Monada posted a picture of himself sitting on the luxurious balcony of his house having a nice time. The balcony looked so stylish, and it was fitted with beautiful couches. After posting the picture, social media users zoomed in on it and spotted something that left them talking. They noticed that the house next to King Monada’s house doesn’t look so proper. It seems like the people who are living there are living in dire poverty while they are just next to a millionaire. Many people were not happy about this. Some even went on to say he should take care of his neighbors.

Although some chastised him for it, others defended him, claiming that it was not his responsibility to look after his neighbors. This topic caused a stir all over social media. In my opinion, I think no one is entitled to take care of their neighbors. If he wants to build a house for them, he should do it from a good heart and it is still fine if he doesn’t. People are wrong for criticizing Monada.

What are your views on this? Do you also think Monada is being a bad guy by not building for his neighbors? Leave your comments below.



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