Killer cop Ordered a Hit on Lead Investigator

Killer cop Ordered a Hit on Lead Investigator

The investigating officer Keshi Mabunda has been praised for the wonderful work he did on a killer cop Rosemary Ndlovu’s case by ensuring that he has a water-tight case against the killer cop. Ndlovu has been found guilty of 6 counts of murder.

According to a source it seems like Ndlovu had a big appetite for calling hit on those he deem threats in her circle. Ndlovu has allegedly tried to take out a leading investigator, Sergeant Keshi Mabunda. The explosive details were revealed by Mabunda to a source on Saturday.

Masuda confirms that the killer cop who was convicted for his role of strategically killing a relative for insurance payout was planning to take him out.

Mabunda said Ndlovu was keeping tabs and tracing his movements while he was still waiting for trail. She was also keeping tabs on his on Mabunda’s colleague.

She was also allegedly planning to come after Mabunda’s son. Mabunda was very concerned after discovering such disturbing information. Mabunda manages to get hold of Rosemary’s cellphone. She tried by all means to execute her plans. She also did a swim swap to plan the murder together with her associate.

She also made contact with one of the witnesses in the case to try and plot against the lead investigator.

Mabunda confessed that she tried every trick in the book to make the case disappear. She even went as far as trying to bribe the Sergeant. However, she was stopped in her tracks.

When all plans failed she tried to kill Mabunda according to the lead investigator. Mabunda’s family was now in great danger. He then realise that the woman was very evil and dangerous not only to him but to society at large.

Mabunda began to fear for his life. He could not trust many people involved in the case. Advocate Riana Williams assured him previously that they have a water-tight case to finally put away Rosemary Ndlovuy for good this time around. Judge Ramarumo Monama gave the killer cop a life sentence for all 6 counts of the murder she was involved in.

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