Kempton Park is burning

Kempton Park is burning

In South Africa many people when they get fed up of waiting more especially for service delivery, they mostly take resolution of taking it to streets and shut down everything to show their frustrations.

It has been reported that people are tired of waiting for non delivery of promises made by President Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa. Over 1000 people are currently rioting following 24 hours of loadshedding in Kempton Park!.

They are out jn streets, burning tyres and service has been put on hold now with nothing operating.

People around the country are frustrated about how Eskom is now treating them and forcing many small businesses to shut down since they can’t operate anymore.


“It’s out of frustration, we didn’t have power for almost 24 hours. The norm in SA is burning municipal infrastructure, so they burnt their own tires, not a place they will need services from tomorrow”.


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