Jubjubs mom finally tells the truth

Jubjubs mom finally tells the truth

Malemo Katleho Maarohanye also known as jubjub is a South African media personality who is a successful hip-hop artist and tv host. He hosts popular shows such as uyajola 9/9, you promised to marry me, and uthando Noxolo which airs on Mojave DSTV channel 157. However, most of his days were spent in prison because of the crimes he once committed growing up.

She sent a voice note media, justifying her son’s actions. She spoke about how Amanda du Pont is lying and that her son would never do anything of that sort because she knows him better than anyone else , including his girlfriends.

However, people kept dragging her because they believed what Amanda said on her Instagram post about how jubjub abused her. His mother is, however, protecting her son and she’s trying, by all means, to keep his name clean but not everyone is on her side.

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