Jub-Jub Under Hot Water After He Speaks Prison language In #Uyajola99 Here Is What It Means

Jub-Jub Under Hot Water After He Speaks Prison language In #Uyajola99 Here Is What It Means

Jub Jub Under Hot Water After He Speaks Prison language In #Uyajola99. Here Is What It Means


Mzansi viewers were left Speechless and off guy by the singer and hosterb Jub Jub on the latest episode of Uyajola 9/9. Jub Jub has been appreoched by a man who wanted to give Jub Jub assignment after the guy’s lady were said to be having affairs.

Jub Jub and his crew had done the digging where they end up going to confront a woman for cheating. Everyone waiting for Jub Jub to say his name slowly “Jub Ama Sweet amaningi, Opa Fonde.. Ding Dong Siyaba ngena”. The lady by the name of MaZulu seemed to be unaware of who Jub Jub was. While we still wondering The kind of language what language Jub Jub is speaking here you would.be surprised to know that he was speaking language from the inside prison.

Jub Jub got Mzansi amused when he start to talk about the prison language that the poor woman did not understand.

MaZulu: “Uwubani wena bhuti?”

Jub Jub: “Jub lamaswidi amaningi”

MaZulu: “Ini?”

Jub Jub: “Correction sikisi. Obhafoli.”

MaZulu: “Obhafoli?”

Jub Jub: “…Ma se kind ding dong.”


Correction Mfo it’s only six sweets, hence the term “correction sikis”. So it goes like jub jub of many sweets correction six. Jub Jub’s room in the Corretional service was No. 6 and teas so long (not wide) like a tube, his relatives used to bring him a lot of sweets to dilute the smell of cigarettes and etc. So his colleagues use to call at his room 6 to get sweets, tube room with many sweets. That’s the meaning you can try to reference it.

Jub Jub has always been on top of the game every time he has to present himself to Uyajola9/9. Today we come to learn few words that prisoners talks while in side prison. These were the words that Jub Jub was speaking inside prison during the time he serve after killing schools learners resting to death.

People have been warned about cheating to their partner as Jub Jub will be there to exposed them. You can hate Jub Jub or you can love him but at the end he still remain the number one Uyajola9/9 best hoster who knows how to end spice. Jub Jub will never close the show without adding spice. We have seen him in other show like “You Promised To Mary Me” and other presenting. This is clear indication thay he knows what his doing.

Jub Jub always come with Violence I swear he is the man he think he is.

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